Other equipment ROSH

A technique that would help you better organize the activity in the warehouse, production, garage. Inevitably needed to facilitate loading and unloading and transport operations.

Work Platforms:

Aluminum single mast work platform:

Capacity: 130-200kg.

Maximum platform height: 4-8m

Aluminum two-mast work platform:

Capacity: 200-300kg

Maximum platform height: 6-11m

Working platform with steel scissor mast:

Capacity: 300-1000kg

Maximum platform height: 3-16m


Capacity: 50-300kg.


Lifting work tables - important equipment used to power manual assembly lines, workshops, etc. Structurally height-resistant steel construction. Easy foot operation with the hydraulic lifting system for free lifting to the desired height. Manual operation when lowering the table. Safety (by-pass) valve against overload protecting the operator and the pump.

Capacity: 50-300kg.

Maximum table height: 740-1300mm

Specialized lifting tables - electric, double leg or large area

Capacity: 300-680kg

Maximum table height: 900-1500mm

Stationary lifting tables - designed for stationary work with advanced ergonomics guaranteeing the health, safety and comfort of the operator.

Capacity: 500-2000kg

Maximum table height: 710-1050mm

Lifting ramp:

Capacity: up to 6000kg.

Barrel hoist

Barrel trolley

Automatic Drum Catcher - Automatic drum catcher mounted on the forks. It easily lifts the barrels without the need for additional hydraulic or electric drive. Easy attachment to the forks using wing bolts. Highly resistant steel construction. Lifts, transports and places drums without additional operator intervention. Steady pressure is applied automatically when loading the barrels - this helps prevent possible slippage.

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