Plasterboard systems

Plasterboard systems

Installation of plasterboard ceilings

Plasterboard ceilings

Installation of pre-wall cladding

Pre-wall cladding

Installation of partition wall

Partition wall

Installation of systems for wet rooms

Systems for wet rooms

Installation of fire protection systems

Fire protection systems

Gypsum boards are the main part of the interior systems of drywall. They are made of gypsum and special cardboard with high hardness. Depending on their type, they are used for the construction of wet rooms and for the implementation of a fire-resistant system.

Advantages of plasterboard systems:

Cheap and quick to install

Plasterboard systems offer economical and quality construction from foundations to roof. Lightweight assembly structures reduce the load on load-bearing building elements. Installations are pushed economically into the wall cavities, and the tried and tested dry construction systems ensure short construction times and quick commissioning of the constructed premises.

Heat insulating

Our latitudes are not characterized by a particularly hot climate. Therefore, optimal thermal protection cannot be considered a luxury, but a necessity for a healthy life. Drywall building systems offer cost-effective whole-house thermal insulation.


Plasterboards offer excellent sound insulation. Two-layer constructions with acoustically flexible skins significantly reduce the intensity of sound energy through the joint vibration of the elastic skins. Further, the residual sound energy is absorbed by the air layers and the insulation in the cavities.

Load resistant

To each section of the constrictions of the respective system, objects can be hung with suitable fasteners. Depending on the type and weight of the weights intended for suspension, different hooks or dowels are provided. Heavier loads are permanently attached to the walls by means of simple structural elements.