About us

Temira Ltd. is a private company founded in 1990. Among the company's fundamental values have always been and will always be correctness to our customers and partners, as well as the constant pursuit of development. Over the years, we have proven the high standards we set for ourselves in the execution of both the routine activities that accompany our diverse areas of work, as well as the more challenging projects presented by the dynamically evolving economic environment.


We started with the production of an electronic product - our own patent in the field of communication technology.


Establishment of the Heating Engineering Department.

Partnering with the German companies EBERLE and MONETTE, TEMIRA Ltd. achieves a leading position in the design, supply and installation of automated systems for radiant heating, defrosting gutters, downspouts, pipelines, garage ramps, walkways, etc.


The import domestic market of ARMSTRONG raster suspended ceiling systems begins.


After highly qualified training in Germany, TEMIRA Ltd. started to market RIGIPS drywall systems. Creates installation teams of highly qualified installers.


The beginning of the "Thermal Insulation" department.

TEMIRA Ltd. became a leading importer and distributor of European manufacturers and the undisputed leader in renovation and thermal insulation systems with stone and glass wool, expanded and extruded polystyrene. It partners with established manufacturers such as URSA, TIKTAS, ROCKWOOL, KNAUF INSULATION, FIBRAN.


The development of the "Waterproofing" department begins. Adhering to its high requirements for offering only quality materials, TEMIRA Ltd. becomes the exclusive representative of POLYGLASS Italy for waterproofing materials. Thanks to the authority it has built over the years as a company offering quality insulation systems, it has been accepted as a full member of BAIS (Bulgarian Association for Insulation in Construction).


In the following years, TEMIRA Ltd. continues to develop, maintains high standards of work and becomes a desired and trusted partner. Thanks to its specialists, it builds numerous sites in all areas of the company. Maintains stable foreign and domestic trade relations with all its partners. Builds and strengthens its position as a stable and loyal company.


Registers its own trademark STOFIX ®.

Among the pilot product groups are profiles, plates and accessories for suspended ceilings, fasteners, etc.


Together with the Slovenian company KLINKER, TEMIRA Ltd. became the first company in Bulgaria to offer clinker tiles for cladding and clinker pavers for flooring.


We became a distributor and one of the first representatives for Bulgaria of the Polish door factory PORTA DOORS.

In the same year TEMIRA Ltd. opened a branch in the town of Targovishte.


Registered new trademarks:

ROSH ® - warehouse equipment and racking systems

OPTIMAL® and VENEZIA® - suspended ceiling panels


It becomes the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the Finnish company ENSTO, a world leader in the production of electric convector heating devices. It is gradually starting to offer their heating cables for floor heating and automation.

Opens a branch in the city of Pleven.


Completed the construction of its own office building and warehouse covering an area of 10 000 m2


TEMIRA OOD retains its next own brand - HITA®, which specializes in the "Heating Technology" department. Expands its foreign trade relations with German representatives of cables and electronics.

Opens a branch in Ruse.


To foreign trade partners, it adds manufacturers such as ISIKLAR Turkey for clinker flooring and facings, and SINIAT Romania for dry construction systems.

Opens a branch in Stara Zagora.


Opens a branch in Shumen.


Years of implementation of numerous projects in all areas of the company followed.

"Sofiamed" university multispecialty hospital for active treatment - dry construction - suspended ceilings.

Ministry of Economy and Energy - dry construction - suspended ceilings, wall coverings.

Ministry of Finance - dry construction - partition walls, de-icing system - gutters, downspouts, ramp.

Business Center "Bellisimo" - de-icing system - terraces, ramps.

Sofia Airport - Air Traffic Control - de-icing system - gutters, downspouts, entrance area.

South Park - Sofia - clinker pavement with cobblestones.

Church "St. George the Victorious" Breznik - clinker tiles - facade restoration.

Giginsky Monastery - Montenegrin Monastery "St. Cosmas and Damian" - clinker tiles - restoration of facades.

and many others.


Builds a new warehousing facility additional to the central warehouse in Sofia.


Expands the activities of the Warehouse and Shelving Systems department by starting the production of specialized products for the warehouse and the construction site.


Launches StroitelniMateriali.bg - its own online platform for trading with building materials.