Shelving and shelving systems ROSH

Shelving and shelving systems ROSH

We are pleased to present the ROSH brand shelving systems.

ROSH products are produced by a company developing its activities in three factories and is considered a leader in the construction of racking systems for storing a wide range of products.

Keeping in mind the most important thing, namely to provide its customers with high quality and good design, Drive-in, Flow-through, Gravity, Push-back, Cantilever, Medium-duty, Light-duty, Heavy-duty systems are widely used and would meet all your requirements.

Our main goals are - achieving maximum utilization of warehouse space, easy operation and maximum functionality of your warehouse, shop, office, archive and production premises.

We can offer you the following racking systems:

LIGHT DUTY shelving systems - load capacity up to 200 kg.

Rectangular steel structure, steel or wooden panels can be installed, the height of one cell can be changed freely in 50cm levels, less investment, wider application.

MEDIUM DUTY shelving systems - load capacity up to 800kg.

Composite construction, standard connections, assembly and disassembly are simple and fast, high-strength steel panels made by continuous forging and rolling, the level of the panels can be adjusted freely. Grooves in the front of the panels for the connections. A cell's space can be adjusted freely. The height of a cell can be adjusted in 50mm increments.

HEAVY DUTY pallet racking systems - load capacity up to 3700kg.

Heavy type beam racking systems. Composite structure, the placement of each beam can be freely adjusted through 75mm. Intelligent design of the sections made of high-quality steel, which facilitates the use of almost all types of moto and electric trucks or other lifting transport equipment. This is the most used design scheme of warehouse systems.

DRIVE-IN shelving system

They are designed to store a large amount of identical cargo. High utilization of warehouse space. Cargoes are stored and exported from the same country or opposite countries on a first-in-first-out basis, this is particularly suitable for standard cargo units.

MULTI-TIER shelving system

Fully demountable composite structure, patented lightweight steel floor panels, locked by other patented parts, resulting in the integration of smooth floor panels with high load capacity, low cost and fast construction. It can be designed in one floor or multi-floor according to the specific situation, full utilization of space can be guaranteed. Widely used in the field of automobiles, electronics, mechanics, etc.

FLOW-THROUGH shelving system

A system of rails with steel wheels (rollers) is used. It works under the action of gravity, on the "first in - first out" principle. It offers convenient access and is suitable for use in assembly lines, distribution centers, etc.

Cantilever shelving system - CANTILEVER

Demountable construction, the dimensions and capacity of the racks can be changed according to the customer's requirements. They are mainly used to store long shaped materials such as rolled steel sections, steel pipes, plates and many others.

Gravity shelving system - PUSH-BACK

A system of rails with steel wheels (rollers) or pallets equipped with wheels (rollers) is used. It works under the influence of gravity - on a first-in-first-out basis. It is mainly used for storing large quantities of cargo of the same type. Full utilization of warehouse space can be achieved.

Movable shelving systems - MOVABLE

Uses only one corridor, achieves the highest degree of space utilization, beautiful and practical, provides better sealing, can be operated manually and automatically. They are widely used in archives, libraries, banks, company documentation centers, etc.

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