Manual, semi-electric and electric ROSH forklifts

Manual, semi-electric and electric ROSH forklifts

Manual loaders - forklifts

  • Construction made of strong steel profiles.
  • Economical lifter for manual operation suitable for transporting molds and pallets.
  • Sturdy and compact enough to fit through standard doors and work in tight spaces and corridors.
  • Precision engineered to ensure smooth operation and exceptional durability.
  • The lift is manually or foot operated.
  • Enables work without heavy physical strain for the operator.
  • With fixed or adjustable forks.

Semi-electric loaders - forklifts

  • Compact design with sturdy European steel construction.
  • Sturdy forks with reinforced support arms and mast guarantee minimal bending, safe lifting and long life.
  • Simple and easy to operate lifting system.
  • Light and easy manual control, equipped with a suitable parking brake.
  • Smooth lifting and lowering control ensures high precision in load positioning.
  • Energy storage and recovery systems, economy and efficiency.

Electric loaders - forklifts

  • Advanced design.
  • Exceptional maneuverability and load capacity, combining easy lifting and moving.
  • Sturdy sectional steel construction.
  • Large safety buttons to increase operator protection.
  • Regulation of the speed of movement in both directions by a pulse controller.
  • Electromagnetic braking by interrupting the electrical circuit.
  • Engaging the holding brake when the handle is placed at an angle of 20 degrees from the vertical or horizontal position.
  • Retractable legs option.
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