Design and installation of de-icing of gutters and downspouts

De-icing of gutters and downspouts Mladost 1, Sofia


De-icing of gutters and downspouts Darvenitsa, Sofia


De-icing of gutters and culverts, Sofia


De-icing of gutters , Sofia


De-icing of gutters and downspouts, Rusaliyski Prohod Street, Sofia


In winter, because of the specific atmospheric conditions, there is an accumulation of ice and snow on the roofs. Overhangs are placed on roofs and facades, which in turn poses a danger to people and causes expensive damage to facades. To prevent this, there is a so-called electrical system for de-icing gutters and downspouts.

For the construction of such an anti-freeze system, calculations are required depending on the region in which the object is located, the power of the cables, their lengths, their management and the installation itself also depend on this.

In addition to gutters and downspouts, heating cables can also be used to melt snow in other open areas - ulams, barks, entrance sheds, visors, etc.

Objects implemented by TEMIRA OOD with these systems are:

Ministry of Finance

Department of Defense

Ministry of Social Policy

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Sofia Airport

International Fair Plovdiv

Arena "Armeets" Sofia

"BIOMET" logistics center, Sevlievo

Headquarters "Allianz Bulgaria" Sofia

DSK Bank offices

Offices of UBB Bank

Post Bank offices

Kempinski Hotel "Grand Arena", Bansko

Saint Nicholas Hotel, Bansko

Stragite Hotel, Bansko

Hotel "Flora" 1 and 2, v.k. Borovets

Numerous private houses in Dragalevtsi quarter, Simeonovo quarter, Boyana quarter, Bankya and others

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