Stone wool

Thermal insulation

Sound insulation

Fire protection

Products made of rockwool are manufactured from mineral rocks that are melted and transformed into fibers. They are classified as mineral fiber products used in construction.

Rockwool insulation is a natural inorganic fibrous mineral, well-know for its thermal and sound insulation properties, as well as its excellent performance in terms of fire protection.

Thermal insulation - excellent, with low thermal conductivity and maximum thermal resistance even at high temperatures. The fibrous structure softens when the temperature is above 1000°C and its binding substances begin to evaporate, but at temperatures exceeding 200°C, its insulating properties remain unchanged.

Sound insulation - high sound absorption coefficient and optimal resistance to airflow. These properties provide greater sound reduction and improved acoustics in spaces. The linings minimize sound to a maximum, which is necessary at certain frequencies. High compressive strength and very low dynamic curve, meaning they are very tough but effectively resilient. These properties reduce the transmission of noise impact, suitable for applications in floating floors.

Fire protection - non-combustible materials - class A1, which maintain their insulation properties at high temperatures and contribute to suppressing the spread of fire, saving human lives, and protecting constructed buildings and property. Therefore, they are key elements of fire-resistant walls, floors, roofs, prefabricated panels, doors, or other passive fire protection systems.

TEMIRA OOD offers global brands such as FIBRANgeo, ROCK7, IZOCAM, KNAUF, ROCKWOOL.

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