Special plates

Cement boards, aquapanel, impact-resistant boards, anti-radiation boards

The cement fiberboard is a flat panel made of fiber cement, composed of cement, organic cellulose fibers, silicates, additives, and water. Its smooth surface provides optimal quality for cladding external and internal walls.

The Aquapanel is a panel constructed from high-density gypsum core, highly resistant to moisture and mold formation. Specially designed for outdoor use.

The impact-resistant board is made of a high-density gypsum core, reinforced against moisture, strengthened with wood and glass fibers, with its surface and longitudinal edges covered in multi-layered cardboard. Specifically developed for heavily loaded walls, meeting technical requirements for fire protection, high sound insulation, water resistance, cutting and abrasion resistance, and impact resistance.

The Anti-radiation boards possess special technical characteristics. The radiation protection system consists of a gypsum board panel with an added layer of lead, 0.5mm thick depending on the radiation level, along with additional elements such as self-adhesive lead tape which seals the system around connecting joints. Due to the weight of the gypsum board panels, this panel is used in special dimensions.

TEMIRA Ltd. offers global brands such as RIGIPS, SINIAT, TECHNOGIPSpro.

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