Silicones and mounting foam

Express and efficient fastening

Silicones can come in various options depending on their application - universal, sanitary fast-curing adhesives, polyurethanes, and acrylics. They are used for attaching glass to doors and windows frames, sealing all types of cracks in walls, and caulking construction openings and facades.

For tile adhesive, aquariums, and roof repairs.

Polyurethane foam also varies like silicones - mounting, expanding, or adhesive types.

As the foam hardens, it expands several times. Mounting foam adheres well to the contact surface. Polyurethane foam has the lowest shrinkage percentage after drying compared to acrylic and silicone sealants. It is elastic and does not crack after drying.

Adhesive foam is increasingly entering the construction field as a substitute for cement adhesives for XPS, EPS, wadding and plasterboard.

TEMIRA Ltd. offers brands such as BOSTIK, SOUDAL, SIKA.

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