Oriented Strand Board - OSB

Fast, easy and environmentally-friendly

The wood particles are slightly longer and are pressed using a technology that creates two outer layers oriented in one direction and one inner layer oriented perpendicular to it. OSB stands out for its high dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity. This enables their use in prefabricated houses, lightweight wooden structures, furniture production, and more. They possess good moisture and biological resistance making them suitable for roofing applications on buidings. OSB can serve both structural and decorative purposes. They are used for making floor coverings, connected using nut-and-feather joints and treated with appropriate coatings. Their resistance to atmospheric influences is also high. For this reason, they are used for decorative facade claddings and building sunscreens. Since the adhesive mixture that binds the wood particles releases a minimal amount of formaldehyde within permissable limits, OSB is also used for indoor purposes like load-bearing insulation panels, interior wall cladding, shelves in shops and warehouses, and furniture details.

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