Ceiling tiles

Raster suspended ceilings provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to any room

When choosing a raster suspended ceiling, all criteria must be taken into account:

Design - how the desired aesthetic effect can be achieved. Suspended ceilings conceal cracks, openings, and damage in older ceilings. They are an easier, faster and less expensive way to install, move and clean. Additionally, suspended ceilings offer better lighting options. They play a key role in optimizing and reflecting light, thus saving electricity. Furthermore, they absorb and reduce noise.

Acoustics - noise reduction improves comfort and work productivity.

Technical - consider specific parameters as requirements. With a wide range of panels - mineral fiber, mineral wool, gypsum, metal, wood, or PVC - you can make the right choice. Each of these panels has its own specifications - they can be moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, acoustic, hygienic.

TEMIRA Ltd. offers global brands such as STOFIX, OWA, AMF.

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