Acoustic plasterboard

Optimal acoustic comfort and sound insulation for everyone

Every space requires a certain level of acoustic comfort based on its purpose. The best way to mitigate the harmful effects of noise is through advance acoustic planning of the interior.

Acoustic boards have a gypsum core with increased density, further processed for better sound insulation qualities. The core of the boards is reinforced with fiberglass and covered with blue-colored cardboard. Replacing standard gypsum board panels with these acoustic ones doubles their sound insulation qualities.

Perforated acoustic panels, besides their aesthetic and decorative function, also enhance the acoustic environment by absorbing and damping sound. They are suitable for concert halls, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, etc.

TEMIRA Ltd. offers world-renowned brands such as RIGIPS, SINIAT, TECHNOGIPSpro.

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